Parquet (il Giovedì)
Parquet (Thursday)

Italy, 2000, col. 35'

In the heart of a "difficult" city, not seen but somehow still perceived, a man opens his home to creativity,
love, surprise, knowledge. Insistently, for ten years.
The gleam of an idea that hasn’t been put out yet,
the tenderness of fleeting but necessary sociality.
Milan, 2000: the passion for living is a game
suspended between levity and committment.
The personal is political. The music is live.

Mara Cantoni (...) confronts video language for the first time, a test faced with curiosity but also the determination to succeed in getting its linguistic and expressive potential.

Tell us what Parquet is about.
Life. Life in its basic elements which, if we observe well, are few and universal: food, affection, creativity, social life… It’s the formalities that change with the economic, historic, geographic coordinates, not the foundations which are the same for all. (...) read on

Franco Fabbri has jokingly called it “our little Nashville”.

Parquet was created
for and from a private situation,
and it has kept as much
its warmth as its technical limits.
But everywhere it arrived,
it has been welcomed
with great curiosity and attention.
If you are interested
in having a copy, write to me!

For other video works
et Black White Piano Forte

with Arrigo Cappelletti, Sandro Cerino, Emanuele De Checchi, Pino Distaso, Franco Fabbri, Betty Gilmore and Adriano Pateri, Gaetano Liguori, Flavio Minardo, Daniel Pacitti and the Orchestra Tipica Estilo Tango, Cesare Picco, Giovanni Venosta with the partecipation of Eddy and of Pongo with the presence of Paco Ignacio Taibo II Ira Rubini has tested Batta Claudio, Bianchi Lorenzo, Bianchi Valeria, Brambilla Roberto, Castagnedi Marzio, Contento Aurelia, Coppin Giorgio, Covito Carmen, Franchini Gabriella, Giurickovic Pietro, Iovino Damiano, Maniga Giancarlo, Manneschi Sabrina, Mannheimer Renato, Parassole Diego, Pariset Cristina, Prini Gianfranco, Rubino Giovanni, Salvemini Domenico, Spagnolo Francesco, Zangara Paola special thanks to Augusto Bianchi filming Paolo Brich, Alessandro Dallolio, Luca Incorvaia, Emanuele Ruggiero, Francesco Leprino, Joe Oppedisano collaborating on the production Paolo Pieri editing Oscar Sartori

produced and directed by Mara Cantoni

Humility is a great quality, undoubtedly, even if nowadays few people realize this. It’s that spring that pushes you to always do better and never to take yourself too seriously, which unfortunately many video producers do inopportunely. Humility is the condition in which Mara Cantoni has approached the world of “the image in movement” (as she defines it herself), after years of working in the theater which have already bestowed on her a status of accomplished professional (…) This “little work” called Parquet (Thursday) isn’t really such a “little work”. (...)
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Certainly, a documentary filmed mainly in a house
and during a party or celebration
films what is there exactly as it is.
But a house, like all places,
is full of details. And observation
of these inanimate fragments
could turn out to be precious.
I have dedicated a brief seminar
to this theme and other inherent themes at the European
Institute of Design.

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