Pulcini e altre figure
(Pulcini and other figures)

amongst art books and little installations

About Alberto Casiraghy and Pulcinoelefante

He lives at Osnago, Brianza.
He has a little fairy house,
or maybe it’s just bubbling over
with variegated humanity passing by.
In his house he has a big printing machine, one of those old fashioned printers, and almost every day
it gives birth to a new Pulcino,
a little book that is to say.

I met him when he had already printed more than seven thousand,
and still I can’t understand
this awful delay in our meeting.
In a couple of years I have had five
of my Pulcini. I hope that Casiraghy
- as he’s known in the area -
will let me do others:
for the pleasure of such beautiful
hand-crafted work and for the time
spent with him, in peaceful

A pezzi (with Fulvio Testa)
july 2007

Coltura (with Fulvio Testa)
july 2007

november 2007

bossa nova
june 2008

copia con forme
Copia con forme (with Mara Cantoni)
october 2009

Come un gatto immaginario
from the Know-all book of feline creatures
50x70 - mixed techniques

Vivo con un gatto immaginario
abbiamo un linguaggio singolare
e un modo di guardarci semiserio
che è insieme distratto e puntuale

Il nostro benessere felino
ha un che di relativo e d'infinito
si irradia da un piccolo cuscino
si installa nel centro di un tappeto

Passiamo del tempo alla finestra
guardando curiosi le persone
e tutto quel frou-frou che ci si mostra
nella sua disordinata confusione

Abbiamo un ritmo nostro differente
che molti non riescono a capire
e il senso fatalista ma presente
di un essere antico e in divenire

Al sole siamo grati enormemente
per quella sua carezza luminosa
che scalda e quasi ci addormenta
facendoci sapienti d’ogni cosa

Talvolta ci perdiamo in una zuffa
se è il caso ci lecchiamo le ferite
non è che un po’ di pelo che si arruffa
(si dice che abbiamo molte vite)

Così filosofando lietamente
tra noi o tra di me (che poi è uguale)
diventa più fatato l’orizzonte
vivo come un gatto e non è male

Project Artists for health
Curator Marco Maiocchi
Design Faculty of the Milan Polytechnic
in collaboration with the Tumour Institute
and Derbylius Art Gallery - Milan, may 2010


1. F. Abbiati – History of Music
volume four
2. Two (used) batons
for conducting orchestras
3. One 19x19cm
printed transparency (N°.4)
4. Nylon string for hanging (3m)
5. One black Proel music stand

“READ/don’t read”
Adding meaning to art books
Seventh edition: Writing revisited
25th november 2009-15th january 2010
Derbylius Bookshop and Gallery
Carla Roncato
International Art Archive
- Milano


Experimenting with music in art
from Futurism to Twentieth Century Art
24th september-24th october 2010
Daniela Rallo Gallery - Cremona
The world of images is a complex one!
One glance at an image is often enough to pull you into its intricate net of signs, symbols and
ever reverberating forms. As it is for the observer,
so is it for the creator of images.
Perhaps it is to save myself from being trapped
in this mysterious net that my work with images
often dips into the world of words
and freely embraces other forms of expression.

My little images share their craftsmanship
and their awareness of their destination audience
with the theatrical art of stage design
but their free standing status grants them the liberty and irreverence granted to children at play.

One of the central themes in most of my work
is the multiplicity of the relationships possible
between words, sounds and images,
and it is on these relationships that I have focused some of my more specific work in the form of theatrical public readings and digressive lectures

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