L’invenzione dell’Oriente
dramaturgy | movement | music | writing/theatre


L’invenzione dell’Oriente
(Invention of the Orient)

theatre-dance workshop

A space of the mind takes shape
with the contribution of each participant
in a guided workshop
which aims beyond the frontier of dance
into a more articulate scenic language.
Invention of the Orient

What do we think of
when we think of the Orient?
The Arabian Nights
or Japanese technology?
The shape of a samovar
or of a minaret?
Of our passage to India
or a territory closer to us
and dramatically tormented?
To the knowledge
in certain ancient books
or the colours of spices in the suk?
With utmost freedom, with levity and attention,
we will put together fragments of very diverse nature
and build a short itinerary
made of gestures, words, music and movement.
We will create a cohabitation of contrasting moods,
and train in both listening to one and other
and interacting with aims to a unitary result.
We will discover the importance of connections
in the communication of a message.
We will entwine different expressive languages
and learn to coordinate them.
We will learn to understand
that there is a rhythm in all things.
... islands in the mare nostrum...

Perfumes, colours,
chants and enchantments.
Holidays and tourists, boats and docks.
Caves, volcanoes, wind and sand.
Lack of water, water which floods.
Weariness, migrations,
letters, returns.
Wars, poems, prisons, legends.
The sea which separates,
the sea which narrates.
Islands in the "mare nostrum"...
What comes to mind to you?

This two-day workshop, ideated and conducted with Alessandra Gallone,
aims at the construction of a micro-performance.
The libretto contains material chosen by the participants, combined with musical fragments in different styles
and a specially created choreographic design.
This workshop may be and has been re-proposed with the same format but with a different theme.
In 2005 it was realized with the title ... islands, islands in the "mare nostrum"...,

having as its theme the islands of the Mediterranean.
A few years later, I worked at something different for expressive forms but similar for method and structure:
A long song...

Carla Strauss, 1935

It was particularly significant to me to create this workshop in the school which is still named for Carla Strauss. This very special woman brought a new kind of art of movement to Italy more than sixty years ago, and will remain in the memory of generations of pupils. But it's to her revolutionary collaborator, Liliana Renzi, that I owe the indelible print of the musical gesture.

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